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Ideators: Their Words and

Prof. Piero Formica

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Maps of the unknown

Prof. Piero Formica

The efficiency of R&D expedintures in ASEAN Countries

Prof. Pawel Dobrzanski, Sebastian Bobowski PhD

Building pathways to peace on the Korean Peninsula

Prof. Alan Barrell

Toward Innovation-Driven Competitiveness Across
African Countries: An Analysis of Efficiency of R&D

Prof. Pawel Dobrzanski, Sebastian Bobowski PhD, Prof. Elie Chrysostome, Emil Velinov PhD, Jiri Strouhal PhD

The efficiency of spending on R&D in Latin America Region

Prof. Pawel Dobrzanski

For without innovation, there is no future.

Journal of the International Association of Science Parks

Cross-border Entrepreneurial Education, Development and Knowledge and TechnologyTransfer.

Prof. Alan Barrell, Anders Paalzow

Structural and productivity changes of Central and Eastern Europe

Prof. Pawel Dobrzanski, Prof. Wojciech Grabowski

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