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About Us


Cambridge Learning Gateway opens the worlds of academia and business to the latest innovative approaches to knowledge exchange and inclusive global education and knowledge research by connecting online and in person, students, teachers, researchers and citizens of the world.


Cambridge Learning Gateway has been launched as a company helping shape the future world by delivering academic and scientific knowledge and practical expertise to Universities, Government Organisations and Corporations and those residing in them.


Our mission is to support the future of knowledge sharing by delivering high-quality learning experiences using the most advanced teaching techniques and new technologies. Camlg also aims to foster multidisciplinary and innovative learning and research.


Meet Our Team

Our values

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We strive at all times to understand client and partner needs and interests. We focus on developing our teaching and research to fulfil these needs and interests.

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Open Innovation and Knowledge Sharing are at the heart of our principles and practices

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We operate to the highest standards of professionalism, integrity and ethics and seek to build trustworthy long-term relationships

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World Without Borders

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For the Future

We believe in striving to create a World Without Borders and Barriers between peoples. Internationalisation is a key consideration

We believe that a positive future will be best achieved by building bridges between the generations to enable sharing and transfer of wisdom and experience

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