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Senior Executive 
Development Programme

Providing Knowledge and Practical Expertise in Innovation, Management and Personal Development

Embracing Innovation and Enabling the World of the future through well prepared Outstanding High-level Executives and Business Owners

The current world is developing extremely fast and entails changes in human behaviours, habits and in ways of gaining knowledge, which in turn forces business organizations and learning institutions to deeply understand both the current and future needs of customers and students. Against this background, the Cambridge Learning Gateway (CLG) has been formed - a company established to assist the evolution of tomorrow’s world by delivering academic knowledge and practical expertise to universities, government organisations and corporations. As part of its contribution, GLC has designed and developed the basis of specific and flexible new programmes.


About Senior Executive Development Programme

The Senior Executive Development Programme encompasses a combination of intense practical-workshops, discussions, lectures and company visits based around the Innovation Ecosystem of Cambridge, UK. This centre-point of business creativity provides and an environment conducive to the acquisition and application of the latest knowledge from innovative development, entrepreneurial thinking which can enhance and strengthen leadership skills as well as improving abilities to seek inspiration and generate renewed vision.

  • Numerous practical exercises with a focus on recognizing individual capabilities and perspectives

  • Close connections throughout the programme with highly qualified faculty members

  • Enhancing self-esteem and confidence as well as encouraging the application of imagination as well as considerations of operational management

state-of-the-art knowledge

To embrace and employ innovation, giving competitive advantage and strengthen organisations to ensure long term success.

Acquiring practical skills

During workshops, debates and seminars to enable redesign of the company’s organizational structure where appropriate, re-assess market opportunities and competitive positioning and define new personal objectives.

Broadening of intellectual capabilities

It results from participation in discussions, lectures and workshops delivered and led by the highest calibre Academic and Business Experts from world-leading Universities and companies.

Increasing confidence

To face and overcome the challenges posed to aims and objectives of expanding businesses worldwide.

Benefits for the delegates

Programme Director

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Professor Alan Barrell is Chairman of Cambridge Learning Gateway and Professor of Practice at Hong Kong Management Association, Honorary Doctor of Business Administration Anglia Ruskin University Cambridge, International Fellow University of Essex Business School, Formerly Entrepreneur in Residence Judge Business School Cambridge, Visiting Professor Liaoning University Shenyang and at Shanghai Art and Design Academy. He has been awarded The Queen’s Award for Enterprise Promotion in the UK and appointed Knight First Class of the Order of the White Rose of Finland for services to Education.


In August 2013, he published a book entitled "Show Me The Money – How to raise the cash to get your business off the ground", co-authored by David Gill and Martin Rigby, which gained immense popularity around the world.

Professor Alan Barrell DBA., FRSA

Chairman of CLG

Subject areas include

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Human Resources and Personal Development

image (5).png

Finance and Fin-Tech

image (7).png

Bio-Science, Medicine and

pexels-alex-knight-2599244 1.png

Artificial Intelligence

pexels-peng-liu-169677 1.png

Smart Cities

3420 1.png

Internet of Things

pexels-jéshoots-21067 1.png

Games Industry

science-in-hd-pAzSrQF3XUQ-unsplash 1.png

Industry and Manufacturing

erik-mclean-peUtY-REuTs-unsplash 1.png



Innovative Transportation and






Stationary at one of the Colleges of the University of Cambridge

Fidèles, expérimentés, attachants et all

Virtual sessions 

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